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A motto Chino Valley is know for is "Open Land, Sunny Skies, Friendly People." And this could not be more true. Nestled in the mountains of central Arizona, Chino Valley is just north of Prescott with a population of around 11,000. Quaint, majestic and rural, Chino is a safe haven for nature enthusiasts but with plenty of culture and local attractions for residents.


Chino Valley upholds rich, historical significance. Named by U.S. Army Cavalry Lt. Amiel W. Whipple due to it's lush pastures, "Chino" is the Spanish word for curly grass (grama grass) native to the area. Even before Prescott, Chino Valley was dubbed as Arizona's first territorial government in 1864.


Chino is right in the heart of the Prescott Metro area but offers a more remote style of living. With a mild climate, Chino's area is supported by a plethora of vegetation and wildlife. Residents enjoy more land, freedom, and privacy with the benefit of a closely-knit community.


Contrary to it's remoteness, Chino Valley offers a great deal to do. With local parks, ball fields, free Tennis Courts and a fun Community Center, you won't run dry on activities here! And with Prescott just a short drive away, you'll be afforded plenty of shopping and dinning options!

Let's Explore The Area

Get in touch with nature in the heart of Chino Valley. Located just a drive away from Prescott, Chino offers the beauty of open plains with the convenience of local attractions.

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